Fashion Week Zanzibar Fashion Week Zanzibar Fashion Week Zanzibar Fashion Week Zanzibar Fashion Week Zanzibar Fashion Week Zanzibar Fashion Week Zanzibar


Adam Hassan

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Adam HassanFor over 10 years, Adam Hassan has been the forefront of creating stunning, form fitting handmade gowns that makes every bride

Beate Allard

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Asia Idarous Born 1974 in Mbozi, in the Southern highlands of Tanzania near Mbeya Town, I grew up with love for the country and passion for its people, colors'...

Farouque Abdela

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Farouque Abdela Born in Zanzibar from a family of Comoros origin, Farouque Abdela left Zanzibar at 14, two years after the revolution. While in London, he continued the...

Hadithi Zetu

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Adam HassanHadithi Zetu, meaning “Our Stories” in Swahili was given its name by the, founder Rebecca Mandich.  The company began in 2014; however, Rebecca has been...

Hasiba Quettawala

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Hasiba Quettawala Fashion designer Hasiba Quettawala was born in Zanzibar, is now settled in Pakistan, where she works from home...

Kanga Kabisa

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Kanga Kabisa Kanga Kabisa's aim is to produce unique clothing and accessories of the highest quality in Zanzibar. We operate with high ethical principles,...

Kihaga Designer

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Kihaga Designer Designer Mwarabu Ali Said Majongo was born into several generations of tailoring. Sewing is in Mwarabu's blood - he grew up working with his father and...

Krystal Bella

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Krystal BellaFascinated by designing clothes and fashion ranges,Krystal- Bella Shabani, a fashion designer based in Burundi , finds her way to illustrate her talent in ready to wear

Made in Africa

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Made in Africa Made in Africa shop was started by two foreigners who fell in love with Zanzibar and decided to join a team of Zanzibari women in creating,...

Rizwan Janmohamed

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Rizwan Janmohamed Rizwan Janmohamed was born on 15 December 1983 in the town of Morogoro . Before entering the world of fashion, Rizwan worked in hospitality...


Fashion Week Zanzibar: Upendo Upendo means ´love´ in Kiswahili, and the Upendo label incorporates love and caring into its entire label. The project includes a sewing school,...

Veronica Lugenzi

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Veronica LugenziVeronica Lugenzi is a creative established fashion designer. She will be showcasing for the first time in Fashion Week Zanzibar.As a kid, growing up in the age of 10 years old, she fell in love with

Fashion Week Zanzibar Ambassadors

Mahmoud Thabit Kombo

Mahmoud Thabit Kombo, 43, by background and training is an ICT and Telecoms Engineer and Consultant by Profession. Currently Mr. Kombo is Member of the Zanzibar Presidential Committee on Empowerment of the Youth, Current Chairman of the Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF), Chairman of the Zanzibar Stone Town Heritage Society.

Mr. Kombo’s background is ICT Engineering and Computer Science with applied AI and telecoms engineering qualifications gained at University of Sunderland in the United Kingdom and later postgraduate qualifications through United Kingdom Telecommunications Academy, Mr. Kombo holds a Diploma in Computer Science, combined Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Computer Science and Master of Science in Telecoms Engineering with vast working experience in the Telecoms industry mainly for Fixed and Mobile operations on GSM Cellular networks for 15 years including network planning and operations.

In his career Mr. Kombo has held several positions in different academic councils and board of directors in different private and public sectors, businesses mainly in ICT, Telecoms and Consultancy business before joining active politics in 2005 that led him to become Member of the House of Representatives during the 2005 general elections in Zanzibar.

Mr Kombo was nominated as the Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Information, Culture and Sports by the Zanzibar President from January 2006 until October 2010. Mr. Kombo is married with 3 children and takes keen interest in the work he does including leadership and community based programmes at different levels including the most recent interest developed into the Film and Fashion Industry Development in Africa.