Fashion Week Zanzibar Fashion Week Zanzibar Fashion Week Zanzibar Fashion Week Zanzibar Fashion Week Zanzibar Fashion Week Zanzibar Fashion Week Zanzibar


Adam Hassan

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Adam HassanFor over 10 years, Adam Hassan has been the forefront of creating stunning, form fitting handmade gowns that makes every bride

Beate Allard

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Asia Idarous Born 1974 in Mbozi, in the Southern highlands of Tanzania near Mbeya Town, I grew up with love for the country and passion for its people, colors'...

Farouque Abdela

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Farouque Abdela Born in Zanzibar from a family of Comoros origin, Farouque Abdela left Zanzibar at 14, two years after the revolution. While in London, he continued the...

Hadithi Zetu

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Adam HassanHadithi Zetu, meaning “Our Stories” in Swahili was given its name by the, founder Rebecca Mandich.  The company began in 2014; however, Rebecca has been...

Hasiba Quettawala

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Hasiba Quettawala Fashion designer Hasiba Quettawala was born in Zanzibar, is now settled in Pakistan, where she works from home...

Kanga Kabisa

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Kanga Kabisa Kanga Kabisa's aim is to produce unique clothing and accessories of the highest quality in Zanzibar. We operate with high ethical principles,...

Kihaga Designer

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Kihaga Designer Designer Mwarabu Ali Said Majongo was born into several generations of tailoring. Sewing is in Mwarabu's blood - he grew up working with his father and...

Krystal Bella

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Krystal BellaFascinated by designing clothes and fashion ranges,Krystal- Bella Shabani, a fashion designer based in Burundi , finds her way to illustrate her talent in ready to wear

Made in Africa

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Made in Africa Made in Africa shop was started by two foreigners who fell in love with Zanzibar and decided to join a team of Zanzibari women in creating,...

Rizwan Janmohamed

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Rizwan Janmohamed Rizwan Janmohamed was born on 15 December 1983 in the town of Morogoro . Before entering the world of fashion, Rizwan worked in hospitality...


Fashion Week Zanzibar: Upendo Upendo means ´love´ in Kiswahili, and the Upendo label incorporates love and caring into its entire label. The project includes a sewing school,...

Veronica Lugenzi

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Veronica LugenziVeronica Lugenzi is a creative established fashion designer. She will be showcasing for the first time in Fashion Week Zanzibar.As a kid, growing up in the age of 10 years old, she fell in love with


Our Festival Partners include:

Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) - Festival of Dhow Countries

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Zanzibar International Film FestivalZanzibar Fashion Week will undergo coordinated marketing activities with the Festival of Dhow Countries to celebrate our unique arts and culture together.

After 15 years, ZIFF is firmly a part of Zanzibar Arts and Culture. This year, Zanzibar Fashion Week designers will dress the chief guests of ZIFF, and during Fashion Week, you can look forward to fashion films and forums inspired and aided by ZIFF.

Dhow Countries Music Academy

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Dhow Countries Music Academy The Dhow Countries Music Academy Zanzibar (DCMA) is a non - governmental and educational and cultural organisation registered in March 2001. DCMA opened Zanzibar's first music school in September 2002 providing music lessons as well as instruments at minimal cost to anyone interested in studying music related to their culutural background or acquiring mastery of an instrument. Special emphasis has been placed on teaching traditional music instruments and styles such as Taarab, Beni and Kidumbak. The overall aim of DCMA is to preserve and promote the musical heritage of Zanzibar and Dhow region.

Sauti za Busara

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Sauti za Busara Sauti za Busara supports Zanzibar Fashion Week and looks forward to working together to help promote the culture and beauty of Zanzibar and the Swahili Coast. Sauti za Busara, taking place in Stone Town every year in February, is widely-known as East Africa's number one music festival and "the friendliest festival on the planet." For three years running, it has been on Songlines' Magazine list of the Top 25 International Music Festivals in the World. The aim of Sauti za Busara is to bring together diverse audiences in shared love and appreciation for African music. Busara Promotions, the NGO behind the festival, is strongly committed to contributing to social, cultural, and economic growth in Africa through building appreciation for the region's music, developing skills and opportunities for musicians, strengthening local infrastructure, and building networks for music and culture.


Fashion Week Zanzibar: MARIDADI FASHION SHOWMaridadi is a platform of charity events encompassing fashion shows, bazaars and organized travel between the months of February and September in any given year. The initial concept of Maridadi was conceived by Trish Fox Holden, of AQUA Hair Health and Beauty, Arusha and Lilian Bulengo, of MASSA Banking Consultants Tanzania, Arusha, in June 2010, with the aim of mixing fun and charitable social events for women in Arusha. Zhaleh Forouzan, of 1 POINT / ORANGE was instrumental in executing the ideas and concepts into a successful platform of fashion shows and bazaars.

Kigali Fashion Week

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Special Ambassador Kigali Fashion Week a spontaneous event that takes place yearly. The fashion week is an inspiration and encouragement to further nurture innovation in both creative and commercial endeavors in the Rwanda’s new era of creative economy and promoting Rwanda’s culture and upholding creativity and innovation in the area of fashion

Special Ambassador

Fashion Week Zanzibar: Special Ambassador Tourism Confederation of Tanzania are special ambassador for Fashion Week Zanzibar.

Our efforts are recognised by National Tourism Confederation of Tanzania (TCT) is the umbrella organization representing the private business sector (Sub-Sector Associations) involved in travel and tourism industry in Tanzania. It is the voice of the tourism industry.

TCT works to ensure that through representation at the national level, appropriate macro policies and strategies are adopted for developing and maintaining an environment in which international and domestic tourism will prosper and the business sector will be able to achieve successful growth and development while protecting Tanzania's natural and cultural heritage.